November news

So, despite a sprained ankle…the result of showing off on a kids climbing wall, and a badly bruised coccyx, having fallen off my acro balancing partners feet, this month is proving rather developmental…with the emphasis on ‘mental’.

I have been introducing the Lyra to some of my classes, really to give a little light relief from the effort of hauling oneself up and down a silk. Whilst the hoop is more painful in some respects, it is easier to pull up on , and with the basic aerial vocabulary that most of us have now, playing in the hoop is really rather fun and constantly inventive, particularly where socks and extra pants are concerned.

Saturday in Exmouth, had my usual clutch of talented enthusiasts, and I had spent bloody ages working on a transition for Mike, which he had seen a colleague do so I dutifully worked on it, and came up with a result, none to attractive but hey,┬áit was an odd one…and no wonder, seems he had noted the move incorrectly so all my efforts in vain (other then to make them all find a more elegant solution!) Still, I did make Mike suffer with a boat climb challenge :)

Longing to teach a couple of new drops I have been working on, so running 2 workshops on Dec 6th in Bridport, where there is blessed heating and the means to warm mince pies..