London circus mates

Ok so last week I popped up to London ostensibly to rehearse with David for the Christmas show, but really to go and muck about with Katie Hardwick on doubles silks ideas…sadly I was completely wiped out after a ‘Cosmo’ night of flailing arms legs and coughing so I was barely able to pull up my own weight let alone Katies’…still, its always energising hanging upside down hauling people up in a straddle split, certainly the pain gets adrenaline pumping at least.  From there to see ’7 Fingers’ new show ‘Sequence 8′ at the Peacock Theatre with Katie and Tink (the dream performance) …it was a bit of an  Oh Wow..evening, just beautiful, inspiring, exciting and fun. Contemporary circus at its best, I marvel at what the human body is capable of doing (just sadly not mine at this stage in the game). The following morning after struggling through my new  Evil Sugar Plum Fairy routine (always embarrassing getting tangled up when training at Circus Space or whatever it is called now), but lucky enough to join in with a couple of the girls thrashing out new hoop moves, and transitions.  It seems everyone is being called on to teach hoop following the ghastly TV thing Tumble. Anyway, left with sore hips, a busted knee, bleeding toe and very very happy.