New classes in Aerial hoop trapeze/Lyra

The Lyra (hoop trapeze) is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its aesthetic appeal and the amount of impressive and attractive poses that can be achieved on it in a relatively short amount of time. It is superb for improving core stability and flexibility. Every class will begin with a warm up which includes specific conditioning relevant to aerial work. These in themselves can be demanding and build up the strength necessary for stamina on the trapeze.
Students will learn how to ascend the hoop in a number of ways, hold poses and find transitions from one to another. As these skills become familiar we move to working with music and sequences and try to find a personal style that suits each individual, and use improvisational skills in putting a ‘routine’ together.

Lessons are held in Beaminster Wantsley Farm, DT8 3PT Friday 5pm..please call for class times and if you want to arrange a session for alternative days. 07958480557

The entrance is on the corner of St Michael’s Lane and Gundry Lane.