Hoop workshops and parties

Well, during half term I thought I would launch (relatively unceremoniously) into teaching a little lyra (hoop trapeze) and simultaneous silks.  In the wake of the ghastly reality TV programme ‘Tumble’ hoop seems to be all the rage.  As it was we had enormous fun.  I had a birthday party of bouncing 9 year old girls, all keen as mustard, and remarkably stoic about the fact that their hands were rubbed raw and straddling a hoop is akin to hitting the back of your legs with a metal bar!  All the girls seemed to take to both disciplines like duck to water, or monkeys to vine more to the point and managed to eat vast amounts of cake afterwards for a birthday tea in the upstairs cafe.  My adult classes fared almost as well, but with a little more whinging, but on the upside, the silks now seem comfy in comparison.  It was interesting just to see how transferrable the two skills are, and just how much strength all the adults have built up over the past few months, exhilerating.